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Tribes Studio | Dance, Yoga & More | Leiden | Wassenaar


Yin & Nidra




Located in Merenwijk, this 95 m2 studio features a unique square shape layout with a full wall of glass and another full wall with windows, offering views of greenery outside that create a tranquil retreat-like ambiance inside. The studio is equipped with curtains to cover the glass and windows when needed. Perfect for various dance practices, the studio boasts a black dance floor and barres along all three walls. Additionally, there are 15 mats, blocks and blankets available for yoga and other movement practices. A full sound system with a mini-jack adds to the immersive experience. Guests will find convenience in the restroom and changing room facilities, as well as the kettle and Nespresso maker provided for their comfort.

Rent our Spaces

Our primary focus is not on renting our spaces, yet we are passionate about creating an environment where magic can unfold. Thus, we collaborate with freelancers who utilize our spaces to offer practices that resonate with what Tribes is. If you feel a connection between your vision and ours, we invite you to reach out to us for rental options. Let's create magic together.

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