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1-on-1 psychotherapy & counselling

with Rebeka


✉️ ⌛️ 50min 💎 €85 - Normal Price 👩‍🎓 €65 - For Students & Unemployed persons "Hi, my name is Rebeka, and I am a clinical psychologist providing individual psychotherapy and couple’s counselling. In our psychotherapy sessions for individuals, we will explore the difficulties you might be experiencing that are affecting your mental health. By focusing on your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, we will identify the roots of those difficulties. We will explore how they present (What are you experiencing now?), what the causes are (How did your problems start? What past experiences might have affected how you are feeling?) and how we can change them for the future. Answering these questions will direct our course of therapy while staying informed by your values, strengths and motivation that drive you to live to your fullest potential."

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