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Commercial Hiphop


Multiple Days


5 aug. 2024

5 Days

Would you like to spend a full week delving into creating a dance video clip?
This week we will be working with commercial dance!

Commercial dance is often seen in commercials, video clips, television programs and films. It can consist of many different dance styles such as: jazz, contemporary and urban.
During the creation process we will work with 1 chosen song from which we will shoot a dance video clip together at the end of the week. We will be working hard these days and as a choreographer, I expect full commitment from the dancers.

Creative ideas are shared with each other and there will be room for collaboration between the choreographer and dancers.

My name is Loujain Afsharzada and I gave a number of lessons at Tribes last season. Hip hop, house, contemporary, heels, and afro. I have been dancing since I was young and studied at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam for the dance teacher training course.

I hope to see you shine soon in this summer intensive.
Until then!

The Teacher(s)

Loujain Afsharzada

Image by Wesley Tingey
Practical Informations


Multiple Days




5 aug. 2024


5 Days


Haagweg 4F5, 2311 AA Leiden, Netherlands




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