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The Pulse: #3: Intimacy Pump

Tantra Workshop with Robinson | Starts September 29th


🗓️ 29 September ⏰ 19:00-21:30 📍 Doezastraat 💃Robinson von Grumbkow 💎 €45 👩‍🎓 Students: use HAPPYSTUDENT15 for a 15% discount. Discount does not apply to PhD students. A serie of 5 workshops to tune in to the sacred pulse of life, the cosmic vibration. Experience more union with the source: feel intimacy with yourself, others and life itself. You’re welcome to join one or more workshops of this serie. Tantra Workshop #3: pulse: intimacy pump The pump that is your heart has an energetic field that we can expand, contract or block. Find out how it is linked to the breath and the ability to open up & be vulnerable. All workshops include tantric practices done individually, in duo’s and group form. You can expect breathwork, movement, (always optional) massage & touch, sharing.

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