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Relaxing Full Body Massage

with Indra


✉️ ⌛️ 45 min 💎 €50 A full body massage is a therapeutic experience that will leave your body feeling relieved. This type of massage works the major areas of the body like the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck. You are asked to undress to your comfort and the therapist is considerate of your modesty and will give you a sheet or blanket to cover yourself. The session typically begins laying down on one’s stomach and the focus starts on the back, working its way down to legs and feet. Then one flips onto their back and the therapist will work their way back up the body, normally ending with the neck and sometimes the scalp. If you have certain problem areas that you want to target, let the therapist know and they will predominantly focus on those spots. The Relaxing full-body massage is given on a massage table, to offer extra comfort to the entire body and neck area. During the massage, almond-based oil is applied.

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