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Modern Inter/Adv

12-week Course with Rosa


🗓️ 17th of September 2024 ⏰ Tuesdays 21:00-22:15 📍Haagweg 4F5 💃 Rosa Allessie 💎 €189,- 👩‍🎓 Students: use HAPPYSTUDENT15 for a 15% discount. Discount does not apply to PhD students. 👯🏼‍♀️This course takes part in the show on December 1st 2024. 🌴 This course lasts 13 weeks, because there is one week vacation included A modern contemporary class for intermediate / advanced dancers full of embodiment, empowerment and enjoyment. We will use all elements of contemporary dance, such as weight shifts, fall and recovery, all levels of the space and breath. The class is a mix of different contemporary styles and techniques such as Limón technique (fall and recovery), floorwork (spiraling in and out of the floor) and countertechnique (directing your body parts into space). We will also explore various improv methods such as Gaga and instant composition to find various movement qualities. The class begins with improvisation to find our own flow and tune into our physical state. Then we dive into more technical exercises using swings, floorwork, turns and jumps. It’s a dynamic high-energy class with a lot of moving through space and exploring all levels and directions, while keeping your focus on the correct techniques. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own qualities, feel free and take risks.

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