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Marma Therapy

with Carla


✉️ ⌛️ 60min 💎 €60 Marma is an Ayurvedic therapy that allows you to work specifically on your emotional imbalance. Various points on your body are touched. These Marma points are places on your body where prāna, the life energy, but also the flow of consciousness, comes to the surface. By touching the points we bring light and attention to emotional blockages. Everyone experiences marma differently, from deep relaxation to intense feelings that arise and can finally be processed. Some people see images or enter a kind of dream world. After treatment, the person often feels a lot lighter and can reconnect with themselves better. As emotions are crystallized in the tissues, these can melt at the subtle touch, and when they melt, says Ayurveda, they become visible as tears. That is why a marma treatment can sometimes cause a fit of crying, on the spot, or even after a few days. And that's only a good thing: the more tears, the more waste products melt and slide away from the tissues. Marma Therapy With calm and caring energy, Carla gives Marma therapy touching upon certain points in the physical body, which increases the flow of energy, reduces stress, helps calm the nervous system, and increases clarity of the mind. After the 45-minute session, if you wish so, you can receive an intuitive message and draw an Oracle card for guidance on a certain topic of your life.

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